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Levon Tevanyan


Born in Yerevan on September 13, 1975.

Levon studied the piano and folk wind instruments at a very young age. In 1997 he graduated from the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, mastering Armenian woodwind instruments, in the class of Ararat Petrosyan. In the period of 1992 to 2010, he worked as a soloist in the Tkzar State Ensemble. He has been working as a soloist in the Shoghaken Folk Ensemble since 2000. Since 2011 he has been working as a soloist and leads the Folk Modern Instrument Orchestra of the Armenian State Philharmonic. In 2009, he gave a lecture and had a concert with the Tevanyan Quartet at the University of Tartu in Estonia. I have appeared in concert with the Riga Symphonic Ensemble.


In the period from 2011 to 2012 Levon had 17 solo concerts in 12 cities in Italy. He has more than 20 recordings in the archives of Armenian Public Radio.


Levon masters all Armenian wind instruments (blul, shvi, tav shvi, duduk, pku, parkapzuk, zurna), as well as the piano. He has had numerous solo piano concerts in Yerevan, performing Armenian compositions with jazz improvisations. He has studied the art of jazz with composer and professor Tsovak Hambardzumyan.


Levon Tevanyan has performed in the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Holland,Slovenia,Turkey,Lebanon,Bulgaria,Syria,the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.


My recent "OLD SONG NEW DANCE" CD was released by the world renowned 'TRADITIONAL CROSSROADS" company.


Recently, in the spring of 2012, he was bestowed the title of Meritorious Artist of the Republic of Armenia by the President of the Republic.



"Ararat" 2002 (Canada, France) Director Atom Egoyan Musician – Shvi, tav shvi

“And on the seventh day…” 2015 (Armenia) Director  Arman Chilingaryan

Composer, musician (Duduk, piano, shvi, tav shvi) – Levon Tevanyan

“Jakob is ready” 2016 (Canada) Director Tatevik Galstyan

Composer, musician (Duduk, piano, shvi , Tav shvi, vocal )  – Levon Tevanyan

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"Seas of Weat" 2017(Armenia) Director Bogdan Atanesyan

Composer , Levon Tevanyan

"Coma" 2017 Armenia, Director Taron Petrosyan

Composer, musician(tav shvi, vocal) Levon Tevanyan